Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coveted prayers

Many of you are praying and I am very gratefully for those prayers. I realized the other night just how much I covet your prayers. This is a journey I am not strong enough or able enough to walk in on my own. It is by God’s grace and mercy alone that I am able to do it.

Please pray for me continually as I am finalizing many things and continuing on in deputation. Finding your knees on my behalf and on the behalf of those I will be serving. Please pray as I share that many would be excited to be apart of it all.  That in whatever way it is whether by praying, giving, or going, God would move all who hear, to be a part of it all, meeting the need in whatever way they are able.

I am at about 30% of needed support and have a long way to go before all is ready. Please pray as time continues that God would bring in the finances needed to make all of this possible. I am so glad to know that everything is Gods and I don’t have to worry about it.

Please pray that God would open doors for me to share and ears to hear what He is doing around the world. If want more information on exactly here I am financially or other ways you can possibly be involved please email me at and I would be happy to send you more info.

Finally it has been difficult as I have shared with churches and people. The economy being what it is coupled with the falling value of the dollar, many churches are hurting as well as the missionaries they support.

Please pray that God in this time would prove He is faithful and those who are already on the field serving him would find their every need met. That the churches who have faithfully supported them would be able to continue to do just that, and more. Meeting the rising need as things continue to change around the world.