Monday, September 15, 2008

Progress and Prayer

I wanted to update you all on where I am. I have set my date of departure as January 28th 2009. Much needs to be done in that time. I am currently at 50% support and God is providing more. I also still need the funds for my plane tickets and for the tools another things I need to take with me.

Please pray that as I finalize plans to leave for New Guinea that God would bring in the rest of the funds necessary. That he would burden people to be a part of it all. Also pray that things would go smoothly as I pack and prepare to leave.

Being a part and doing what we can is more important than the amount. I have always said that I hope to find 300 people to help with $10 a month. A thing which I know is entirely possible. Thank you for keeping track of me and keeping me in your prayers. I can’t wait to see God be a part of all of this.