Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer Update

Prayer update!

Hey, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to ask for your prayers. I am really excited to finally be able to have the full backing of my church, The Village Church, and a clear health report from my doctor to pursue heading to Papua New Guinea (PNG) with New Tribes Mission (NTM). I had to put it on pause for a few months and it is good to be able to head that direction again. I will have one final check in August that will be the final determiner of when I will leave.

I am still working through the details of time frame and what that will all look like. I have been talking through it all with the missionaries in PNG that I would be serving with and they are excited to have me coming down. Amy and I are trying to work through what this will look like for our relationship. I am serving with a Non profit here in Dallas that works with refugees and want to walk well here as I look to the future.

In all of this I am going to have to go back to raising support and sharing with people what I will be doing and how they could help it all happen. It is exciting to see how all of this will have to be the body working together and how I can in no way do it alone. I am praying that God would make Himself and His direction mightily evident.

Please pray with me for these things:
That God would give my girlfriend Amy and I peace in this all and a clear sense of Gods leading.
That as Amy and I travel to Michigan to meet family and talk through plans God would make it a sweet time and help us see His will for us.
That God would make the time to go very evident.
That the provision and open doors would such that He gets all the credit.
That my final checkup in August would come back clear allowing me to go.
That God would provide people to partner with me financially providing the needed funds to go and serve.
That I would be able to dive deeper in my relationships as I look at leaving in Gods timing.
That God would surround me with a multitude of people on their knees running to God on my behalf.
That I would finish my responsibilities well and not get lost in the transition.

Thank you very much, it is going to be an exciting journey, and I covet your prayers. I will be sending a more detailed letter very soon, I just wanted to let you all know where this is at. I will also update my website in the next couple of days.