Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Sumer End

It has been a great summer, we spent it working and getting to know each other and settling in to marriage. Amy has been working at Parkland in the ER, and Ryan has been working for Cornerstone Baptist Church in South Dallas. It has been good getting settled in to life together and slowly making our way around to all of you.

We are still on track to head to PNG in the spring. We are just beginning to start raising support and such. Our hope is to begin scheduling small group speaking times ASAP. It is exciting to see how God has beginning to bring a great network of people around us to make all of this possible.

What does the future hold?

We are going to Michigan the 5th-16th of August to visit family and friends and to touch bases with some old family churches for possible support.

Ryan starts teaching Biology at Cornerstone Academy  in South Dallas mid August, and Amy will continue at Parkland through the end of the year.

We plan to start support raising support in September, and begin finalizing plans to leave.

We have training with NTM the beginning of November in Florida.

We will head to MI in Dec for Christmas and stay through the end of January.

We will share with a few churches, and finish support raising there.

We plan to head back to TX the beginning of February  to say our goodbyes and head to PNG mid February.

Now as a disclaimer this plan is dependent on support, visas, health etc. Basically we have prayed and believe this is the way to go, and are trusting God to work it all out.

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